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 Oh My Good God the Most High Help me/Us get real Justice here on Earth .

As we know that under the charter of rights we are allowed or own expressions and opinions . So if we the people use words we have used as we have growing up and not Lawyer or Legal terms . How can we be held libel for what we say as our normal   expressions  , just because a lawyer or a Judge does not like our terminology or words we use .  This is wrong and we need to start the conversation on how to change now .

We have people that have and will keep going to the Court House(s) here in Alberta  filling out are  Survey, Court Room Check list  court room check list on the abuses in the court room from Justices .

FREEDOM TO READ , FREEDOM TO   TO LEARN : THIS IS  IN ALL OUR LIBARYS,  it is their , mottos and our  protective RIGHTS in Alberta / CANADA  .

Here is Sterling Cranes Legal name just in case you have to sue them .                                 “Procrane INC. Operating under the trade name of Sterling Crane ” Justice Little said Sterling cranes legal name is   Procrane Inc.  ? But their Lawyer keeps using this ?

Wow what a great Convention with the Alberta New Democratic.  It was unanimous  that the Alberta Labour departments be updated and reformed with input from the people  included    . That would include Labour relations , OHS , WCB , Labour Standards .& any other that falls under their  these areas ..

This is our chance for the biggest change ever !! Get involved with the process . The more of us workers wanting the same changes the better the chance we will get the change . We all must be Part of the process

The administrator will be adding this new link to a website that is also  having   problems with the judges In Alberta with proof of wrong doings .  The administrator is requesting from any body that knows of any more websites like this to let them know  and we should add it .

Here is some new  links

 The Judicial reform association  has started their own website . It has transcript prove of Judges breaching the Rule of Law plus many other breaches Click on link below to see this proof .


Good and Bad Lawyers List from Ontario. You Could use one for every Province .

Here is Things to know /rights for SRL s 

Thank you . website is called :       http://judicialmisconduct.weebly.com/

Here is another website proving our  Judicial systems  are a Canada wide Problem donaldbest.ca

More than Canada wide problem ?  http://judgewatch.org/index.html

and this ,    http://www.tulanelink.com/tulanelink/sassower_01a.htm


You can request adding  website(s)  at  :   [email protected] 

NEW Information will be added here from now on.

October 22, 2017

Well it has being 6 months since  Peter Bowal has had an OHSC appeal  in front of him  for just a reconsideration of an old decision from OHSC which he  has not completed yet?? All he has to do is look at serval document’s supplied by the OHS officers investigation & decide if the first OHSC  decision was correct . These new documents prove the first panel was correct in their decision when then stated that Bob Picken from Sterling Crane did discipline/fire one of their employees  for making a complaint to the OHS.

Peter Bowal has/is  failing the people of Alberta. He is not timely . This means he should not be teaching anybody as it could breed others like him  or be on any boards as we need people that will get it done not lay around & think they are important . In the opinion  of some he is abusing his position with the OHSC to help the companies out .
We need the students & media  to share this & start working to get rid of him asap

Look what the CJC have being hiding from us since 2006 !! a good person found & shared .

Statement of Principles  on Self-represented Litigants and Accused Persons

 July 14 , 2017
Another blogger proves the Alberta appeal courts will not release the transcripts of the court proceedings
. He asks what are they covering up ?? This is an denial to access to Justice , How can you appeal to the SCC if you cannot get the appeal record to prove your argument ??
June 22 , 2017
Associate Chief Justice  Rooke shows us his next steps he uses in their vexatious litigant scam to take away the rights of the people who stand up for their rights or make a complaint against him or any other Justices . Personal favors out side of the court room to Lawyers .
June 21 , 2017
Check out how the Lawyers & assessment/review officers scam the people out of double the costs  .http://alberta.newjusticeforthepeople.com/court-costs-scams/
June 19 , 2017
Appeal courts permission to appeal scam exposed & shared with all of you now .             Madame Justice Frederica  Shuchtz the Justice that is taking away our right to appeal . This is huge !!

Dec. 6  2016

Proof in a bloggers  opinion of Judicial Review scams in Alberta .  See how the Courts make rulings ( Case law ) on the faults of enactments & Legislation yet the Government does not update the enactments or Legislation putting the people of Alberta / Canada at a big disadvantage to the point of being scammed .  How Standards of review are not told & explained  to the people & then are used against the people of Alberta/ Canada .

Plus favoritism, abuse of Natural Justice  by another Judge ? You tell us .     Link to the Scams .

Nov 21 , 2016

Look at this BS .  Judicial review under an  enactment , the OHS Act you can file an Originating application for Judicial review to the Queens Bench  only on a question of law ( Section 37 (6)) So I did that finally get to court after a year !! State my facts and mixed law to prove my point about how the OHSC had error in Law  & A Justice g. Verville

( You know one of the Judges that have Blogged about on the website . Do you think that was  just bad luck of the draw , I sure do not !!)

Perhaps proof of  Another plan event ,collusion , collaboration between Judges &   to disadvantage me. Or another SRL ?

(Any way) because I had to use fact  & the Law plus enactment  to prove my question of Law error by the OHSC panel Justice Verville dismiss my Judicial review as this was facts & mixed facts & Law I used he said  !!

That is the scam they can use this  way they  can get the out come they want any time . we can never win in any review situation   like this .

Yet the other party was appealing under questions of Law & did similar things that I did . & Justice Verville did not say any thing about a standard of review about them or their case .

He ordered this back to the OHS Council under a  standard of review . unreasonableness??

Note that just that morning a Supreme court ruling came out about unreasonableness as a standard of review when it comes to Judicial reviews . I said this was not valid at the time of the infractions /violations so we should not use this ruling . Justice Verville does use it but only for the company with the Lawyer  & not for a self represented Litigant .

I allege It is impossible to get any Justice in any  court In Alberta for the SRLs or any one that wants to take on the companies  our only hope is if we get the legislation changed & NOW .

This must be our next step , petition & friendly picket of the legislation assembly .

Sept 17 2016            I took an appeal to the Appeal courts and Justice Slatter   agrees with me that the Lawyer did not serve a commencement document properly and did not give me the proper time to respond ( 3 Days ( He Sent email on Friday late afternoon to be in court Monday morning which by the rules of court means he did not give me any days to respond )  and I should of had  10 !!)  as per the rules of court . Justice Slatter asks me what turns on this ??  Lets look at the rule of Law rule-of-law. By not following the rules of court  which put me at a big disadvantage he put this Lawyer ABOVE THE LAW . This is are basis of the whole Law system that nobody is above the Law . and by ruling in his favor and giving the other party elevated costs . Justice Slatter has put his self above the Law .  These Justices must be punish / fired ever time they put any body above the Law   We need new rules /duties for the Judges now as they are way out of Hand & put Lawyers above the Law at all times.

here is a link to some government Information to do with court Cases in Alberta , Forms etc.

http://www.alberta.ca/rcas.aspx     Of Courses it is hid in the back of the site ?

We need Posters in every court room giving the people all the links, website and or resources  there is . They cannot keep hiding this from the people !!

The Judicial Reform Association has added some more information to their drop down menu on this site .  Identifying misconduct of Judges. How Judges put a linguistic Spin on their  answers to disadvantage  the People . Plus some Stats on Self Represented Litigant ( SRL)  up in Alberta , Canada .  They state ; All people must know this information please share .

The number of cases filed is difficult to determine because many cases are settled and never go to court.

Alberta Court of Appeal decision since 1970:   15, 806

Alberta Court of Queens Bench decisions since  1971:      21,818

Alberta Provincial Court decisions since 1998:      5,275

Look at this three quarters of the Queens bench decision’s are appealed ?  How many are missing because they could not afford to appeal or could not find out how to appeal ??   This is outrages  & backs up the allegations of Queen bench Judges not being able to do the proper actions in court .

Here is some information people requested be added . Perhaps a description of Judges and or their actions  ?


20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You

July 2016 . Please check out the following drop down menus :  Pensions ,                                     955 updates ,     Premier and their Ministers  you will find how the investigation is going into the IUOE Local 955  pension changes .  Was this an  adverse  change made to the pension plan that is not allowable . The Union  went from only 30% of monies earned to pension  plan for members to 15% of  monies earned  to pension plan for members ( REMBER This plan is not in trouble in any way so  why would this be allowed ??)  & was it  done properly/Legally  ? Read and you tell the administrator your comments and after a screen we will ad your comments and or any more proof you would like to add  to this site .

June 2016 , People wanted the Admin to add this .

Look at the Notice to profession from the Alberta Courts .  They now have Case management counsel !! Duty Clerks that will do the work of the Case management Judges.     LOOK There will be no transcripts of this proceedings.  You want to talk about more protection for the Judges and the Clerks .  We need change that helps the SRL not what helps protect the Judges !!

We have change the name of the Judicial Reform Club  to the Judicial reform association  as we have evolved way past a club already .

contact /Join =  [email protected]

 The Judicial Reform Association  opened up a Chapter in Calgary .

They will meet once a month , to supply Moral support for each Other, Self Represented Litigant (s)  ( SRL) ,  Share their injustices they have encounter in the Judicial system , ( It seems mostly in the court rooms with Judges ?? )  Share their resources .  Work on educating each other and any other  SRL that want to Join the club . Including youth . We all need to know our rights and how to exercise them properly .

Example . We will learn Definitions /meanings of words .  How to use the CANLI  website to find out about other case that could work in your favor .  Collect data  to prove the changes we need in the Justice System.  ETC,  ETC.

We can not and do not give legal advice but we can share our experiences and  legal Information /resources with you as many other government websites do ! .

You are Not alone  any more !

Here is some more links/Resources  to help Self Represented Litigant  (SRL)     They are here to help the people and have a lot of Information we all can use . Please Join our Free club ; called Judicial Reform Club  so together we will be the change we all need .

Check out the Club Link to get many more  links to resources you will need .

National-self-represented-litigants   and the Canadian  Justice Review Board     along with

Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre    also the Edmonton Community Legal Centre , for FREE  Advice , where I also found this  Civil Claim Process on the Alberta  provincial court website . Why will the people at LINc not tells us about this , it explains the process !!??  Also  I found this great web site .  Law Central Alberta   and what about the people that are to make these changes/reform for us .  the Alberta Law Reform Institute  we sure do not hear much from them , but we better start making sure they know  what we want changed ( Not Just the Lawyers and Judges want changed ) .


There is Tens of Thousand’s of us that want change now all we have to do is come together and it will have to happen . It is so close .  Join the Club and the movement !        If not now when ? If not you who ?

Judicial Reform Association  ,    Many new updates on changes needed .  June 1, 2016

we have added many solutions / changes we need now  to this site  and many more coming , please feel free to join and have your change be considered   to be possible added also .           We have to screen a little bit to ensure no crazy stuff Thank You .


If you read this site you will see how Judges help the Lawyers when they do not follow the Rules of court  yet when a self represented Litigant does not follow the rules the Judge strikes their statement of Claim . Check out this Link to the  U of Calgary law and read this . ablawg.ca             We need respect and change now . Lawyers  the so called professionals must be made to follow the rules of court to the letter and Judges must stop helping them when they do not follow the rules of court or they should be fired , that is the only way it will stop.  Exposure

 2016        While The Law society appeal  panel finally sends me the formal decision from the Erin Delaney appeal I made to the Law society.  It took them 15 months  to make their decision and  reply to me . You talk about  incompetence and or their little minded way they think they are punishing us !!

 It is absolute proof  why the government MUST quit funding the Law Society with millions and millions of dollars every year & why the complaint system about Lawyers has to be giving to the  public  and have them vote the panel members  in  right away .  These panels should be only good for 2 years and then another vote .

Right now we the people are paying the Law society to maintain a protection system for the Lawyers at the expensive of the public monies ?? How wrong is that ?

Lets look at the their decision .   Delany  Complaint

Cover letter has this in it ; pursuant to section 78(3) of the Legal Profession Act ??

(3) Proceedings under this Division, other than hearings referred to in subsection (1) and hearings before the Court of Appeal, shall be held in private.

It does not say that  all materials are private and confidential  and I should not use them for any other reason. Like they have stated in their cover letter !           In My opinion they are Just trying mislead me /us into think that we can not expose them for their wrong decisions .

Now they do not want the public to know about them and how this works for the Lawyers  . Trying to make up a protection system for them selves  when you make a complaint about some one at the Law society  from the compliant process .

These complaints  should all be put on line for any one from the public can read the complaint and decision to see how the Law society is doing !!  What can be measured can be fix .

Look at page 2  ( Par 6 ) and look at my appeal at this link  do you think they got this right ??

2 Paragraphs marked 6  LOL.  LOL .  ( I guess this could happen to any one.)       LOL.    This from the people  whom they say are Professional ?

Second Paragraph marked 6  , President Feth states ….there was no reasonable prospect of success .  

Look at the wording , as they know it is rigged so none of them get charged and or dismissed . You will see this a lot . Let  the administrator of this web site know  &  request  your response  to be forward to me also.

Paragraph 7 ….. The appeal document seems to be making generalizations which do not go to the actual code of Conduct or any professional obligation on behalf of Ms. Delany .

More proof of a crooked complaint system from  the Law Society ..

The Law society tells the public that they have to control this complaint process  as they know how and where  the Lawyers are breaching  the code of conduct and or any professional breach  they may have breached . Yet this sentence proves that to be backwards . It is up to us the people to know the code of conduct and explain  how they have breached it  and or how they where not professional in their actions and or non actions .

Now when a Lawyer does us wrong we have to become a Lawyer to Make a complaint ., How wrong and backwards is that ??

You can not get a simpler reason why this complaint system has to go to the Public  Immediately.

Join the Justice Reform Club on the home page of this site  and let’s  make them change !


Complaint about Katherine Whitburn

It took over a year for the Appeal panel to reply again proving their  incompetence’s  in my opinion  and or their little way they think they are punishing  me and or the public . This kind of cockiness should not be allowed  and is absolutely another good reason  to give the complaint system against Lawyers away from them right Now .

These complaints about members from the Law society  can not be hide or covered up in any way  as they try in their cover letter .

All we have to do Is categorize /list all their duties and what happens if they breach any of them .

Example .  A lawyer has a duty to resend any letters , answer from request to their client  with in 5 days of receiving this letter . If they are not timely with a client  . Then they would have to pay the client $500.  A day  for every day they breached this rule /duty . Forth with .


May  2016 .   Actual complaints made to the Canadian Judicial Council  against Judges are  added  now click link  and see how bad this compliant system is .

Mar 1 , 2016  This has being updated as of May 2016 .

Vexatious litigant SCAM

The new way the Judges are taken advantage of a self represented persons and all the different punishments they do to them for standing up for your rights . One way the Judges say is if you are identifying Judges making Backward decisions, and or in my case and my opinion because I made complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council about a couple of Judges here in Edmonton Alta then you are vexatious ??

UPDATED MAY 2016 after court : I want to start out with showing you Murray Mcgown s Applications and Affidavits he has filed in both actions . The application from Local 955 app vex 955 and affidavits from Bruce Moffatt    aff Moffatt apr 1 , 2016 vex  and another filed on April 6 , 2016 ? aff vex moffatt 955 apr 6, 2016  and the other action/law suit against the International Union . You will note that they are insinuating that because I made complaint to other Government bodies out side this action that now I am Vexatious against them in my Law suit against them ? Have you every heard of anything so ridicules, The International has nothing in their Applications nothing in their Affidavit and where not involved  in any of the other complaint’s I made against   out side of this action as they have mentioned in their application including a compliant I made against Justice Nielsen , How can a complaint I made about a justice make me an  vexatious litigant in the Law suit against them ????                                       Here is their application  app vex DC and their counsel ( That’s right the counsel for the defendant affidavit not the defendant affidavit  ????  aff Bucci vex DC     You will read that they have not stated any grounds  for me being a vexatious litigant , just put in some complaints  I made out side of the court action . Nothing in their affidavit stating or proving I am vexatious in any way !!! I asked for both of this application’s to be dismissed as they had no grounds and Justice KG Nielsen refused to dismiss them . (My opinion Justice Nielsen  wants this to go through so he can punish me for making a complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council against him , and you will see that Murray Mcgown states that because I made a complaint against Justice Nielsen that makes me vexatious against his clients !!?? Have you ever heard of such BS .)

I will be adding more documents to prove that Murray Mcgown and or his clients want to punish me because I made other different  kinds of complaints outside of this law suit which is irrelevant to these actions .

Here is copies of Mr. Mcgown Research Memorandum , I think he thinks this is his Authorities . It will show and prove that Associate Chief Justice Rooke is a Key player in making this Scam happen and how they are identifying , classifying Vexatious Litigants which is not the same as the dictionary definition . I allege that good self represented people are figuring out these backwards decision’s by Judges and exposing them in the court rooms and if you do that you are a vexatious litigant ?? By their opinion and now they are working this into court room decision’s so they have some phoney Authorities they can fall back on to make it look like they are not the ones guilty of this abuses they will now lay against the Public of Alberta .

Tab1 , MC Tab 1 Research memo vex and  MC Tab 2 , research memo vex and                             MC Tab 3 research memo vex  and MC Tab 4 research memo vex and MC Tab 5 research memo vex

Must read the above it  shows their SCAM and how they are making it happen to/against self represented people.

Murray Mcgown and or his Clients want the court /Justice Nielsen punish me because I have made complaints about them to the Labour Board , because I filed complaints to OHS on my own and had nothing to do with the court actions but did prove them wrong when it came to the Labour Board complaint.  Murray Mcgown the defendants Lawyer  also said because I made an complaint against him personally  to the Alberta Law Society , that now I am being vexatious against his clients ??? WHAT ? I pretty sure we can see , Murray mcgwon is trying to get Justice Nielsen to punish me and get my case dismissed because of this and other issues involving him  see application above  for actions I took against him and not his clients !!!

Look how a Justice KG Nielsen and Associate Chief Justice JD Rooke has set up (Confirmation by the other parties Lawyer a Murray Mcgown Email  emails Mcgown & me vex           and cover letter  MC cover Rooke & Nielsen set up  from Mcgown he sent me ) this case management meeting and how this vexatious litigant application That Murray Mcgown has now filed against me. I believe this to be part of the set up .   ( Click on this link ****or go to the top drop down Vexatious Litigant Scam *** and see the proof with my commentary on this whole made up Scam

This will give you heads up on this scam or a starting point in case they want to try to do it to you also .!! And the reasons why we must work together now to end this SCAM by the Judges .

But First let’s look at the legal definition of a Vexatious litigant :

lacking a sufficient ground and serving only to annoy or harass when viewed objectively< disciplined the attorney for engaging in vexatious litigant .

Alright you see above that this was designed to disciple an attorney for using and abusing the Legal system . Protection for the people from bad lawyers !

But now the federal judges that are controlling the rules of court committee for our province     How wrong is that and it does not make sense ! This is one of the first changes we must make Now . get rid of the Judges and put a 5 person panel in their place picked( voted in would be better ) from the public . for the Rules of Court Committee .

Look at how it went from discipline against attorney and now They have change this right around and it can only be against a self-represented person . In fact they have hide this in the Judicature Act to protect the Lawyers .

Read more to see all documents and see proof and examples of Briefs, all with a defence against this BS . we must work together now to stop this abuse by the Judges .



April 14 , 2015

I have added so more proof of the  Bad FOIP system . This time it is about my opinions  and proof on a Maria Macdonald from the Privacy commissioner’s  office and the investigation she did on a fee waiver . It makes me wonder if she has the ability to come to a reasonable conclusion give all the evidence she had about unsafe cranes  . Perhaps this is just an extension of the protection system they have in place to protect each other in the  government .   My Opinion ; FOIP people help the investigators by not letting any documents out that could incriminate them . and when you request a review of the documents that they will not give you to the Privacy commission  then  they come to a conclusion that will protect the FOIP people!!   Check under drop down menu FOIP Scams or click here .

The last step is an inquiry . lets see how high this problem goes .


I would like to share my experience’s with you and the steps I have taken this is not legal advice .

I have some great news and bad news with proof in my opinion . First the Good news . I have had a appeal accepted right from the appeal registrar’s office so I do not have to get permission to appeal .

Second : More examples of the steps to appeal . So the next step after filing the Notice to Appeal . The case management officer confirms this goes to a panel is to request an appeal record .

This is a workable fillable form you can find under transcript management on the Alberta Courts website *** Link ** You can fill it out by hand at the transcript management office if you have to .   Next the rules of court say 14.15 and 14.16 state you must file 5 copies of the appeal record .   That is this form I talk about , It is a request and a receipt from transcript management . You take this down to the appeal office and have them date stamp it and they keep copies and you send copies to the other parties and kept at least one for yourself ( I like to have a couple extras just in case )

You will have to give /file a list of contents with transcript management also . This is easy . type it out and give copies of the documents you want in there . Mine is just an appeal to vary an order, so all I need is filed civil notice to appeal , the application , the signed order , and a copy of the transcript  for my list of contents .

If you are appealing a trial order/judgment then you would have to list and supply . the pleadings; You know the statement of Claim , the reply to statement of claim , any amendments to either claim or reply , and the reply to the defence which closes the pleadings ..

Evidence you will be relying on will go in your Extracts of key evidence, affidavit’s, exhibits , copies of an enactment

An you argument goes in your factum . There are some little tricks/ requirements so read the rules of court section 14 .

 In My opinion one of my worst thoughts have being proven !! No Justice in front of one appeal justice.

First I would like to expose this ; I tried to get a copy of the Transcript for the proceedings in this appeal court , as in my opinion and recall , Justice Slatter had said some very disturbing comments !    1) He said ; what does it matter if the Lawyer did not follow the rules of court !!?? They do this all the time !! Wow he tells that we are being abused and taking advantage of all the time HOW WRONG IS THAT ! These rules of court where made to ensure the public has a fair chance in the court room and at all steps of the court proceedings and to make sure a Lawyer does not take advantage of any one . A Fair playing field for all ! But this is proof of how even the Justices right up to the appeal level know that the Lawyers are taking advantage of the people /public and breaching the rules of court   and are OK with it !! 2) There was at least one comment that I felt was worthy of a complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council but for now that is being denied to me ! FOR NOW !!

At the end of the arguments , I asked the Justice Slatter to sign a form I had from Queens Bench so I could get a copy of the audio CD and the Transcript .   Justice Slatter said I would have to get permission from the Appeal Registrar office . (another reason I would like the transcript to prove what he said ! ) So I sent a recorded Mail requesting permission in writing for both a copy of the official transcript and a copy of the CD audio recording .  My signed request for appeal trans Mar 10 , 2016  I received an email back from a Bobbi Jo McDevitt case management officer with the Appeal office denying me permission ,So I emailed back   and show where in the rules of court I could request that this be reviewed by a three person panel , but I need the transcript to confirm and prepare to do that . I received a email back from Mrs. McDevitt and was denied again !  see emails for proof . both request to get Mar 10 appeal court trans denied

More proof of how the Justice cover their tracks for their wrong doings in my opinion . So Now they have denied me my rights under the rules of court to challenge this one Justice ruling as per the rules of court .   Will not give me permission to get transcript . What are they hiding ??? This is how they protect themselves from being challenged and or exposed . That is how they can and are getting away with any thing they want no matter how wrong they are . We must be able to get any transcript at any level with our any interference or permissions   from the court or Justices  from the courts at a reasonable cost . Right now it is very high priced to get transcript which is wrong considering that it is the tax payers that are paying there wages to do this any way !!

I know I complained about having to get permission to get a Queens bench transcript . Once I said that I would just have to start charging the other party $500. For my application for permission for transcript . Very Shortly after this practice was discontinued and now we can just go to transcript management office and order with out any signed permission from a Justice .

Transparency   and Accountability ( Fire ability ) must be in the legal system NOW ! as it is out of Control .

We need change now !

Here is what happened at appeal court and after . I went to the Appeal court On March 10 , 2016 and a Justice Frans Slatter was the judge that day , I appealed because in my opinion  I knew this was wrong as a Lawyer requested Justice Little to punish me for bringing up his short comings in My affidavit and applications . My opinion and beliefs are mine and protect by Law in many different areas and I should not ( Nobody should not ) be punished for our beliefs or opinions . If I request that a Lawyer be disbarred from practicing Law for his or her actions . If that is what I am request that is my personal choice and the Justice must be able to tell if it is a reasonable request or not and if it is some thing he/she would award some one on .

A Justice Must not Punish a person for requesting any remedy as it is our personal requests and just because it might scare his Lawyer friend or Because he/she does not like being exposed for their wrong doings the Judges must not be a weapon of revenge .

We need rules now that punish any Justice that acts as a weapon of revenge for themselves or any Lawyer . It has to be a panel from the public , as it is not non basis when a judge , judges another judge !

Any Abuse of Authority/power /position can not be tolerated and they must be fired immediately

see More under tricks and scams   they use at the appeal level, above

I have added more proof of the abuse from Justice JS Little , ( also top menu complaints about Judges etc. ) the transcript ,  Mr. Webers reply memorandum of argument and an affidavit.   and a authority for vexatious litigant . In My opinion this is the new scam they all will be using against self represent person , if you fight back for being abused or if the other parties Lawyer is breaching the rules of court and wants to get away with it  making you lose monies and even your case /action  some times .!! How wrong and backwards is this !!!??

Sign the petitions above on the top menu and let us get control of this persons in authority ( Justices,  Lawyers etc. ) and make them accountable , fire able and or Jail able.

Also added a new area : Tricks and Scams they use at the Appeal Level  top menu  also .  The twist the facts to get what every decision works best for a Lawyer !! In My opinion .

Feb 22, 2016 .

More OHS SCAMS , in my opinion from again Director of Inspections Rick Adams . Check the menu under Alberta OHS Scams above or this link .  See how I have a OHS council order which OHS does not enforce . They Give Sterling Crane One  year to reinstate me from December 12 , 2014 to December 12 , 2015 .  Yet Rick Adams does not check or make Sterling crane reinstate me during this time frame .  Now that the order is pass  the due date to reinstatement and absolute proof that Sterling Crane did not reinstate me they tell me that is past the date to reinstate so they will not enforce this order .

CAN YOU BELIVE THAT ?  STRAIGHT OUT BS  . This is the exact time the OHS Must enforce this order Yet they want me to believe It is over !!!!!  

Time for some picketing at the Legislation ??? We do have a new  Minister , Honourable Christiana Gray  Perhaps so is the person we need to fire these OHS Scammers . Check back and I will let you know .

Feb 13 , 2016

Justice JS Little Proof that he abused his power as a Justice and in my opinion did a personal favour for one of his Lawyer Buddies

Here is an update with my complaints and concerns about a Lawyer Greg Weber and his Friend Justice JS Little and how they have worked together to use the Judge as a weapon to punish me for putting truths in my opinion in my affidavit and applications about the actions Greg Weber had done .

Back on December 15 , 2015 . I was in court with Lawyer Greg weber and Justice JS Little was presiding . Near the end of our application arguments , Greg Weber ask Justice JS Little to Punish me for bringing up what I consider truths about Mr Weber and or his actions with these matters .

NOW NOTE : Greg Weber Lawyer did not have a filed Application or a filed affidavit in support of his requests to punish me . Putting me at an very unfair advantage as I could not even respond to his allegations !!!? AND

This also means that this was now a Personal Favour request by Greg Weber to have Justice JS Little punish me by awarding Mr. weber a Large amount of monies to him because I told the truth about him in my opinion .

This is absolutely ABUSE of Authority by Justice JS Little . Now I have appeal this and here is my documents and examples for any one who is tired of this abuse from the Justices .

If ever there was to be a Justice fired and perhaps charged for abusing his Power This is the perfect example of abuse . We must all get together and make the changes we need now !!

Here is some more problems with the appeal system I have to get permission to appeal Justice Little’s Orders even though it is not about money at this point but some sort of protection for the people at the appeal level , against any and all Justices and or Lawyers that work together and or abuse their authority to help out their buddies .

My Filed Application for permission to appeal : Filed app perm little dec 15 , 2016

My Filed Affidavit in support of My Application : filed aff. appeal little dec 15, 2016

My Filed memorandum of Argument : filed memo agrue Little appeal Dec 15, 2015


See how even the trial coordinators people in my opinion try to deter , disadvantage and have a different agenda when it comes to self represented persons .  At  Queens Bench chambers more  tricks above .

Here is what I over heard . That the Queens Bench wants  to force /pressure the NDP into getting more Queens Bench Justices . How by moving up the dates  for a Judicial reviews by 6 months to make it look like their are 1 year behind . Plus Trial coordinators office will now only allow  so many Judicial reviews a week ? Which will back log the courts even more .  Plus now in Northern Alberta you can not get a half day for your Judicial review , one day only , this will back up the system even more !!

Tell the NDP to wake up  and get a hold of this BS . To start with fire all those  Justices  that are over 75 and still getting a pay cheque ! Then change the age to 68 as the maximum a judge or Justices can be before they are made to retire .  What kind of protect do we get  If they get dementia or   Alzheimer !!

We need change now . !!!

Jan 28 , 2016

More proof of how the Justices are scamming the people and protecting Lawyers , and then protecting  themselves  all the way to the Appeal courts now .  See how the Appeal courts punish you for appealing . This must stop and be changed with new enforcement NOW !

Top menu under; Proof of  Judges corrupting the Legal system  or this link for now .

Jan 26 , 2016

Here is some examples on how to appeal a Justice , judges order(s)  under the top menu under How to appeal a queens Bench Justice order , or this link

January 2016

I should if had this in sooner but had a great Holiday and  so  I will prove more breaches by a Justice .  Who else by Justice KG. Nielsen  again !!??  Again he does not follow the rules of court and gives permission to a Lawyer  to breach practise notes which again disadvantages  the Public/ self represented  person  again . ( see link or go to top menu drop down and check there .)

This is why we must force the Government to make changes to stop these Past Presidents of the Law Society , who have sworn a Oath to look after every one in the Law Society  and then get the Golden hand shake and become a Justice and then protect the Lawyers in the Court room  . How wrong is that . And all Justices that can not follow the rules of court must be fired !! We must have les about that . This free fore all for the Lawyers has to stop and now .

call Minister Ganley and  Honourable Premier Rachel  Notley  now .

Here we go another Justice that has no regard for the rules of court,  or the right for a self represented person . A justice JS little for the Queens Bench here in Edmonton Alberta. Check drop down top of page under Complaints about Justices and the abuses in a court room

I have added another section on the Drop down menu at the top  called Appealing a Government Body decision .  I would like to share my experience’s with you.             It shows you  Originating Applications  one from the Labour Relations Board and two from the OHS Council along with other good information you will need to appeal a Government body decision for a Judicial Review  to the Court of Queens Bench on an Originating Application            Form 5


I have updated the Police Perjury investigation , which I had to make two more complaints this time about the two Investigating Detectives , Deceit for one and the other would not give me any thing in writing that the investigation was done  just like the Officer Darin Goldenburg   proving a pattern and how they use FOIP to protect them selves and the people who you  are making complaints  about !!


I have updated FOIP Scams proving to you in my opinion, of who these  White Collar criminals may be  !  What will Honourable Lori Sigurdson and Honourable Premier Rachel Notley do about this now that they know . ( Perhaps the emails I sent are being screened by some old PC Staff trying to make the NDP look bad ? ) I will wait for a little while and send them recorded mail and go right down and see them if the mail does not get through also .


I have added two more drop downs to the top  Menu so I can share my experience’s with you   , Unjust tricks exposed at the Queens Bench Chambers document file ground floor , you are not going to believe how they in my opinion purposely lie/ mislead the public , which lots of times cost the self represented person to lose there action !!

You Have to go to Alberta treasury Board and Finance , web site as all other links not working ( Example you can not find the pension site with these searches ; Alberta Pension , Plans etc. more website scams of the PC party .!! All they have to do is add more SEO words . )

Go to the Left hand drop down menu . Click on “News and E update service. Here you will find three different areas we can comment on                                                                                            Here let me try to help you and the rest of us to get a least some thing that looks like a fair shake when it comes to the public input . Try this link and add the changes you want ! It the very least email , write etc. and request full disclosure on every thing to do with the plans ! here is the letter I sent in . My changes I sent to Gov. Pension email 2015 I give you permission to copy this and add your name and submit it . This may be our chance to have /get information/proof of how much monies if any are being stolen from us and or our Pension plan .


Well Great news !! I won my OHS appeal against Sterling . It is already on the OHS Council web site under decisions . Here is link hope it works . If not check it out here                                      OHS Council order against Sterling Crane Oct 2015     and under OHS drop down on top menu .   More Proof the OHS officers , managers , and Director are for the companies in my opinion . I also am going to get lost wages paid to me .


I have  sent   a registered letter to the Honourable Kathleen Ganley with proof in my opinion of the Judges controlling the rules of Court Committee  and how they have made themselves above the Law !!  I feel that there has being some major Gate keeping  going on  some people from the Minister of Justice .  Where do their Loyalties really lie ??  With the Honourable Rachel Notley , the NDPs and the People  or with the Law Society and Justices  ??  See  under top menu drop down , Prime minister , premiers ,and Ministers  or click on this Link to  go there  and let me know what you think , Heck let the Premier Notley know it is time for some major changes

September 22, 2015

THIS IS HUGE !!! Proof of the OHS Officers , managers  and Directors violating /breaching the Legislated OHS Act  them self’s  and denying me my legislated rights to an Appeal more  breaches .  I have see  the Honourable Lori Sigurdson , so she knows  about unsafe cranes  and I have emailed her lately with proof of  OHS Staff Violating the Act on Many occasions .  I truly believe she and the NDP are the solution to stopping this corrupt Old  PC Government and staff from the past from denying us our rights and make the companies accountable and finable !!

See Proof .

 Sept. 20 ,2015

I have added proof in my opinion of the Alberta Labour Relations Board Staff , officers etc. Violating the rules code etc. them selves .  lrb-staff-violations-and-tricks 

More than enough to prove to Honourable Lori Sigurdson it is time to fire all at  the LRB and give it a fresh start and  in my opinion make it like it was  intended to be/do in the first place . Protect the Members from abuse from the Companies and or their own union /organization . Not as protect for the companies and or Union Executives that wrong the workers /members .

Sept .

I have added more to the pension section some more tricks you will want to know about !!


Updates on the unfair representation complaint I made against  Bruce Moffatt and or IUOE Local 955 from a grievance I had with Aecon Industrial .                             Their reply and my rebuttal  above at top menu under 955 updates or              Labour Relations Board

    Read and see if you think persons  working for the LRB are backwards , working against me and most workers in Alberta . Let me and  our New Minister Know .


September 01 , 2015

 Check out bylaw violations made by Bruce Moffatt  and  proof in a letter from him where his obligations  are too !!?   Under 955 updates or here at this link .

August 23 ,2015

You can check out the Sterling crane , unfair representation complaint I filed against Bruce Moffatt and or Local 955  under the Labour Relations Board  drop down at the menu at the top of the page .

Check out 955 updates ,  for second unfair representation complaint against Bruce Moffatt and or Local 955 , plus many scams in my opinion the union uses against the members !

Plus OHS scams check it out .


Is the NEW DEMOCRATS really for the UNION Members and workers of Alberta  ? This is their chance to prove it !!


August 1 ,  I have added more proof of a un Justice OHS system now including proof  their           Appeal system is just as bad   , in my opinion because of this  how they are also  scamming the people/workers of Alberta . A visual complaint system that rarely convicts the companies !!

 July 29 ,  I have added a new drop down at he top called;  Proof of the Judges corrupting the Legal system. This is a  Must read as the Judges have controlled the Rules of Court Committee     ( Totality wrong, the Judges  are to interrupt  the Laws and Legislation not make and control them !!?)  and  then put them self’s above the Law . Proof see  Rule 1.6  and the link above for major proof !

Look at this also, Court fees have went up on May 1 , 2015 . Our right to Justice should be FREE . not more monies as an deterrent to the people to NOT bring their concerns to court !!   How did this get passed ?? with nobody really knowing ?? Judges making it harder and harder to get Justice . We must inform the New Government . The Honorable Kathleen Ganley and the Honourable Rachel Notley of all this horrendous changes the Judges are making to their advantage and not the People . Please read this petitions and add your Name . Let us take back the legal system now before many more lives are changed and hurt forever !!

Try this link to Minister of Justice , What about the new amendments to the rules of Court . You have to check this out !!  

July 23 , 2015  I have updated the pension drop down ( Above )  and petition , please read and sign. Let us find out if the Local 955 decrease to our pension monies was /is legal  in 2011 !?  This should help all pension plan members for things to watch out for  and a chance to be heard to help make this very important changes .  


 June  2,  2015 More on Local 955 . Look how they use Managements Rights  to defend members instead of other areas OHS, Human rights , Labour Code etc.  This is totally Wrong in my opinion !  You can never win under Management rights ! Management rights is for  the Employer not the employee !!?  Click on here and see most of  the areas the unions should be filing our grievances under.                 Bad Grievances  from Local 955 Business manger . Local 955 has filed Management rights for me on my last two grievances and then state that there is no violation  under the collect agreement so they will not proceed with grievance  ?? So I have filed and UNFAIR PRACTICE(S) under 153 of the code  against Bruce Moffatt , Business manager for Local 955 .    See Complaint letter                               pdf, asbell complaint . against moffatt . . I am sure this will help all of are members .

May 4 2015. For all Local union 955 members  !! Well look what I found out !!! ? the International did a amendment to the Constitution it was finalized on April 2013 !! Did you know  this . It is on the Internationals website . How come we where not told ? How come the Constitution and the Bylaws , and collective agreements are not on our 955 web site ?  My opinion those in power now  at  Local union 955 do not want you to know your rights or what is going on . Complaint to every one at 955 and also phone the International . Lets get the Basic’s on line  for us Now !!  You will have to set up user name and Password to see constitution . Very easier to do  !

Update OHS ,  UNSAFE Cranes April 26, 2015 This last week I started a New Job operating crane at a Mod Yard Just out side of Edmonton . Went I went out to work after orientation I notice there was 2 of Sterling Cranes Tadano RT,   I went and talked to the operators on my break and asked them if anyone has Bleed the Air out of suspension system ? They said no . Then Double checked their Log books. Nothing they requested that I look at the log books of Sterling Crane to make sure they did not read this wrong . I check the Log Book(s) from these 2 Sterling Crane Tadano s RT and I could not find any where that any one had bleed the Suspension system Like Russ Rivard from Alberta OHS told Sterling Crane they Must start doing !!? This is At least 2 months after Russ Rivard did his investigation on Sterling Cranes ??

If Sterling  failed to do and keep doing this Maintenance as per Manual forever . It cannot keep being , When you catch us  not doing this MUST do Maintenance then  we will do only the  cranes that got caught  !! I sent an Email to Russ Rivard Today  . Look at the copy of email                           Email to OHS IMMINENT DANGER AGAIN Apr.2015 here . I also phoned and left a message on Russ Rivard s phone and his director Rick Adams for Alberta OHS  . Lets see how much more OHS is going to help the Big Companies at the expense of the Safety of ALL Albertans !!! WHAT ABOUT THE ADMINITRIVE FINES OHS HAS ??? Only fines for employees ?? WHAT ABOUT FINES and Jail , UNDER THE CRIMNAL CODE ???

Well it worked we got ride of the P.C.s  and get the New Democrats In.

Now we have to inform the New Democrats And get this Investigators fired and charge these inspectors/investigators and their Mangers and Directors , with Gross Negligence   and put them in Jail In My opinion . It is the only way we will get change . What will it take for you and or the media to protect us all . A crane tipping over and killing hundreds if not Thousands of you and your families !!

Lets look at PCL complaint I made . I got a order form OHS stating PCL lost the wrongful dismissal and pay me monies lost and rescind and letters they had from the discipline they took plus PCL could not ban me from working for PCL on any of their sites !! Then I tried to go to work for them after ( see Below for more detail ) Kevin Pretty said in a letter to OHS that PCL banned me from working on their site on   April 2, 2014 , But did not give any proof that PCL told me about  ( Registered mail is how you could prove that I received such a Big letter . decision for my Life ) and or OHS that they did indeed put a hiring restriction on me . The Union Local 955 was not informed or else I would Have being contacted by them , and or told when I tried to get dispatch from Local 955 to go to work for PCL  that I could not be dispatched and reasons why .   ??! But this did not Happen. I went out to their yard at Nisku did all the paper work . and 1/2 hour into orientation then PCL personnel  tells me  I have a non rehire on my personal file ?? In my opinion Kevin Pretty is Just trying to cover he wrong doings! Here is More Proof I sent for my personal records to PCL Human Resources My request went to Kevin pretty !! Kevin replied and said he would be the one that would send me my Personal file . ( See file here .) Look there is no OHS order ?? in my file and there is no mention of any hiring restriction of any kind . In my opinion Kevin Pretty forgot to remove the restriction as he was covering up his failed actions to place remove a hiring restriction on me in the first place !! Then made this up after he was caught failing to follow the order from OHS ! Kevin Pretty has no proof that he put this non hiring restriction on me at any time before this breach of the order when I went back to PCL Nisku to work .

. I told OHS this Also and sent emails that where received but again Gerry Wagner , the Manger for OHS in this   Case has he  failed   the people! As him and or OHS with hardly get back to the complainant at any time , My opinion trying to discourage the public so they will drop the complaint !! I even called their Director from OHS Rick Adams  and he only got back to me Once . The worse the investigators where the more he would not contact me any more .!! Lets look at the information I sent OH

April 19, 2015 . See OHS how they do not handle one of their OWN ORDERS .  Are they working for the companies again ?? In My opinion they are . Must check this out also !! UNSAFE CRANES HERE IN ALBERTA . OHS knows about and will not order them all to befixed /maintained as per maintenance manual of cranes !! See also below : Lawyer complaint system  ( Law  Society ) works for Lawyers only ! Police  :  See how the Justice system handles Or NOT  a perjury complaint !! It is set up to protect those that lie ? ( perhaps a Lawyer or company representation person . You tell me what you think .) Also Police see how they handle an investigation !!? You will be amazed at how bad these investigators/Detectives,   for the police are   !?? I have proof April 10.2015 . Extortion In the rules of Court !!

Let me share a bad experience with you . I will show you my October 11, 2013 , special chambers , with applications from the defendants  to dismiss  a action /Law Suit , with proof of extortion . Along with Justice Terrance Clackson  , agreeing it is extortion and then proof of him being a part of this extortion!!  Lets look at the Proof of extortion , short version first , then here is the transcript october 11,13 clackson ., along with  My Briefs  and the Defendants brief  and you we see more as  how Justice take advantages against self represented persons  by what order they make the parties go in for their  presentation !See also above under Complaints about justices   Here is more proof of a corrupt Legal system , involving  Justices and Higher  ups.   you can also go to top menu and look under Justices and then Justice Nielsen   THIS IS HUGE !!!  MORE  PROOF OF HOW OUT OF CONTROL OUR  LEGAL STSTEM IS !! You want to see more  proof  how bad this is getting look at Rules 1.6 in the Alberta rules of court  Here is a Rule that Jonathan Denis Minister of Justice  and a loyal member of the Law Society and the  Government of Alberta . Approved In 2014 !! This makes the Justices untouchable !! Any return favors I wonder. In my opinion perhaps this application Tom Engel put in to stop an early election might be a good example of this .                     

         Look at the Justice K.G. Nielsen  . He worked for the Law Society a long  time , finally made it to president of the Law Society ( Proving where his Loyalties Lie ?)  Then he gets the Golden Hand shake  and becomes a Judge !!?? It makes me wonder, how about you?  Check below on this site and I will show you more !  

Changes to these rules 1.6(1) The judges of the Court of Queen’s Bench and the Court of Appeal may alter and amend any of these rules or make additional rules. So now the Justice can not be wrong !! No matter what . Does not have to follow any rules  and can make them up as they go!  There fore can not be accountable or wrong  . So now nobody can even make an complaint about them  how can they be wrong !! or why even have a appeal court  the Justices are NOW right no matter what ?? How can you appeal that ???  They Just have some thing in place to look like you can appeal !!! And make more money for the Lawyers . WOW!!

EVERBODY BETTER LET  The New Democrats  know about this B.S. and lets make change !! The justice can and do just Make it up as they go to what every suits them at that time , They could change the minds and the rules every day and there is nothing any body can do . This SCREAMS CHANGE NOW !! and check this link to the rules of court committee to see who screwing us.  Look at rule 13. 5 , the Justices can make or change any time rules !! Here is a BIG new rules also ; 10.51 to 10.55 ,

But lets look at 10.54  Now if you get a bad Judge and you get frustrated beyond reason . and let him/her know what you feel or think the Judge can have you put into a Mental institute for analyzes . Wrecking your life, repetition , and  chance  of winning your court case(s) .  TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL !!  We can change this NOW GET OUT AND VOTE  . This P.C.  Government we had  must go down  and it . Please pass this on to every one. That the New Democrats have won and once informed should make the change(s) we all need now !! Here is what else we must change NOW.

Look at the persons on the committee . ALL judges , expect one person from  the government . Here is what we need to make this fair . One person from the Judges to request changes from their point of  view on the Panel , one person from the lawyers  to request changes  from their point of view on the panel , 2  person from the public voted in by the people!!  and one person from the minsters office chairing the meeting , and to bring all changes in front of the minister of Justice for review , Then the Minister of Justice puts these recommended request    on the website to let all Albertans know ( transparency) of changes and a chance to dispute any and all  changes, by email , phone , mail , and should have a one day town hall to accommodate all  . Then the minister office makes the changes not the Panel. and  put on website all official changes .

Here is what MUST BE CHANGED TO RULE  : 1.6.  of the Alberta rules of court ::                   ALL judges of the, Provincial Court  , Court of Queen’s Bench and the Court of Appeal have a DUTY to make sure the follow the rules of court to the letter and that they  DO NOT  alter and amend any of these rules or make additional rules. If they do they have breached  one their  major DUTYS and must be terminated as soon as possible . The Judges can not do any more services until termination is official .   ( This makes  the Judges accountable , it gives them a duty (BIG, this gives the public and Lawyers , a chance of making a complaint  ) and if breached ( away to fire the Bad ones )    THIS IS THE WAYOF THE NOW AND IN THE FUTURE ,  TO ENSURE FAIR PLAY IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM        We all know there is the good, the Bad , and the fakers , in all occupations !! Act now phone the Premier or lets VOTE AGAINST THEM !!  I If our Government will not make these change immediately we MUST VOTE THEM !!!  THIS IS JUST ANOTHER REASON WHY THE PUBLIC MUST OK ANY CHANGES TO THE RULES OF COURT AND BE INVOLVED IN ALL THE PROCESS ! Here is more rules of  that keeps a  justice , that is a bully or  not knowledgeable . a Justice you have made a complaint about and how they punish you with the rules of court  , and loss of Money !! Punished for making a complaint about a Judge . Ok . Example I have a bad Judge as my case management Justice , Justice K.G. Nielsen . So bad I made a complaint to CJC Justice Nielsen oct 2 , 2014 about him to the Canadian Judicial Counsel . Of courses this complaint went if front of other Judges so it was dismissed . I requested a new case Management Justice from Associated J.D. Rooke here in Edmonton Alberta another Justice who used to be a part of the Law Society? .( Look below at how they have this set up to inflict punishment on any one that disagrees with the Judges and or makes a complaint about ta judge !!? )Of course he turns me down and tells me will have to File an application and take it back in front of Justice Nielsen and request he steps down !! ( How wrong is this !! Do you think he will be Mad and revengeful, vindictive even ??!! I think so )   So now I have to take time off ( More money ) and spend MONEY to file an application and More time and MONEY to go to Court with this application . Then when I lose I have to pay the other party $500. Per action for bringing this application to court ?? Associated J.D. Rooke also states If I do not like the out come of that application hearing I can appeal this decision . So now I take this to the Appeal court s , First it $600. To apply , then Thousands and thousands of dollars for costs afterwards . See        in the Alberta Rules of Court . ( Plus other lawyer registrars fees and awards from a Justice on top of this maybe !!)Look at how they also have this set up as another deterrent to the people/public . Look at the columns the more money you sue for the more it is going to costs you if you loss??!! If a Lawyer is doing his/her job well it should costs the same to do each area not more if you want more . This is set up for two reasons . 1) to punish /deterrent , any body from going for big money and 2). More money for the Lawyers !!! and Law Firms !! FIXED for the Lawyers and companies not the people and or the public !! How easy to fix this problems? 1)    make one price column , schedule :C” no matter what compensation you are looking for. Free appeals as the appeal panel should be  looking to see if Justice erred , not we have to prove these violations/breaches ,  the Justice failed to take into account . Not much chance of a Justice being  chastised    in front of a group of  peers of their own . ( The Appeal Court ) !. 1.(b)) When a appeal is brought , that the Appeal courts/Justices , Must check and see if Justice erred , In vocabulary or did not apply the proper rules and our follow them ,any if they did then either the Judges is/ are fired and or put on there permeant records . Must have Legal Duties for Justices and what will happen if they breach these Duties . Everything they do wrong must be put on their permeant record . 2) Take out those rules that punish the public for trying to get Justice and Put in this simple and common sense rule that any complaint made against a Judge, that Judge must step down and another judge to replace the first , This action will be done/given to parties with in 2 weeks . It is time to get into collective agreements , what the Unions MUST do for the members  or can be sued !!

March 18  . WOW ! This is for ALL members of Unions and employee organizations ! This is about The collective agreements what the unions should be doing and what they are actually doing? Major Breaches and Violations of the Labour Board Acts , rules and regulations in my opinion . With Improper methods for changes to the collective agreements and more . A must read and share with everyone you know so we can have the rights that are entitled to all us members in a Union and or employee organization !! Click here or go to the top menu and click on 955.

March 13 ,New updates  and in my opinion proof of the Law Society   working for the Lawyers in the  so called Complaint system against Lawyers  . See above under complaints about  lawyers and an unfair Lawyer complaint system .  or click this link . It will show the steps to take in your   Complaint   all the way to the Top ; Complaint to the President of the Law society and if you do not like his conclusions you can make a request for your  complaint to be reviewed by the Appeal Panel of the Law society . Proof of Lawyers looking after Lawyers .   March 5, 2015 , Many more additions to 955 menu , unfair labour practises , Duty to Fair representation , they are different !!  Information  and Bulletins from the Labour relations Board . Definitions. Collective agreements , very important , union duties and we the members can , complaint or sue ! plus more . March 2 , 2015 Grievances :  see how it ( is suppose to) works at Local 955 Share with every one . Go to top menu under 955 or try this link . Feb. 28 , 2015 I have added Harassment and Bulling examples , an actual case  showing steps  to take to make it stop , opinions and links to many great resources .  Different kinds of Bulling and discriminations ,  What is Harassment ,   Need a day off but supervisor will not give it to you , , Foreman always given one person all the over time , and none for you !  Know your right s and make it stop . This is great  information  for any worker in Alberta .  Go to top menu and click on 955 or this Link Feb. 21, 2015 Here is some more updates Intake forms for OHS , which took me a month to get !! With some examples of a complaint for a Disciplinary Action Complaint  ( Not called a wrongful dismissal any more ? )  this is on the 955 top menu drop down also . February 17, 2015 .    BIG WARNINGS  and Updates FOR IUOE local 955 members click link or go to top menu and click on 955 there , February 11, 2015 . I received several  unanimous   tips , telling me that because I am exposing the Justices , that they are plotting to get  me , by setting me up with drugs and busting me ??, that way they can take my computer also . and if I try to complain or say that the  Justices are  Behind this  setup,  then they will put me in the mental hospital , discredit me and who know what else !! I know one thing for sure I have being drug testing with the union  for decades , pre job and surprize testing  and have never failed a Drug  test to date !!!  Lets see how dirty and out of control the Justices  really are ! I will inform every body if any thing like this happens ! February 3  , 2015    , Here is a new update about OHS and Sterling  Crane and  Non Maintenance complaint I made and ,  some of their supervisors and an Unjust dismissal complaint by me or you can go to top of page menu and click on OHS  . KARMA IS NICE !! Dec 13 . 2014 . Here is an update of my complaint about Justice K.G. Nielsen with the C.J.C. To start with here is postal proof that the Canadian  Judicial Council  (  Herein after named CJC )Nielsen postal proof CJC received my complaint .oct 2014  and the CJC response letter letter from CJC Nielsen denied dated nov 18 2014 .    Please note:  one person signed  this denial letter  for the party that was/did , the investigation !!  Is someone Gate keeping on their own ? Does the person who did the investigation have some one else sign the letter so they can say I did not know about  this letter , so they can protect them selves when if it gets exposed ??  I will show many other letters from the Judicial people/government   that do the same thing .  This has to stop Now !      Who every is in charge must be accountable themselves !!! Please  sign Petitions to help end these many violations  and or  unfair practises to the public    . Thank you . New petition Now because I made a very lengthy complaint    against Justice K.G. Nielsen , Common sense would dictate that that Justice Be removed Immediately as our Case management Justice and Another assigned to replace him !!?     Within 2 weeks would show timeliness   on part of the Judicial system. !!          I went to my Case management Meeting  to get a couple of Form 37 s  finalized  so we could set this for trial .  (Basic 101)  and found out Justice Nielsen  had received a reply back from CJC before me !! So he felt he must tell the Other Lawyer about this complaint and the out come .  ( My opinion bragging  and ringing his own bell !!)  I am like what every ,lets get these form 37 s done and I will file them.   Now with no application from the other Party Justice Nielsen , listens to the other Lawyer complain he does not want me to call  my key witness . James Callahan president of the International Union and the Lawyer  himself !  So Justice Nielsen states that no form 37 s that I  (I) will have to bring an application and briefs stating, why  I can bring this people as witnesses ??  Totally backwards of what is right  , I even told  the Justice Nielsen that , and he smiles and states   , That very well could be !!                 Audio CD  ( Which only cost me $10.00 ) This is how you battle the war on high cost transcripts !! WARNINGS ABOUT CD OF TRANSCRIPTS FROM TRANSCRIPT MANAGEMENT !!    I bought the November 25, 2014 , Cd audio version from Transcript management . Finally got around to trying it .  ( I have a good Computer) So right after  I put the CD in a warning came up !! Do not use this trm ( Which also has trs files in it. ) Files as it will cause computer slowing down  and future system crash !!  WOW . So I phoned down to Transcript management Told them what happened , request a new CD that work properly with no virus , etc.  Next day I received CD and it works !!  So if your computer is not new enough to have a good security system built in  always run a manual scan with the security system you have !! To keep going ; So now I let   Justice K.G. Nielsen In the court room know that I am firing him and going to get a New Justice as his actions prove that  he can not be non  basis ,since a made a complaint about him. So I sent a registered Letter to Associate Chief Justice J.D. Rooke  .                                               Rooke request new case management justice Jan 2015 and of course I sent it registered so I would have proof of it .   rookes office recived reg leter , new Justice needed 2015.    I also stated to Rooke that we have a potential Case management  meeting date  for February  23  , 2015 . which should be enough time to arrange it so  we could still use that date !!  So now it has being 25 days since they have received letter and still no reply from Rooke ???  Do you remember , when I first requested Case management  from Rooke it took 3 months and another Letter to get something going and he stated  that “he dropped the Ball”  Is this proof of some kind of inefficient  Pattern with him ??? He is some thing I found which I am sure you , Premier Prentice , Minister Jonathan Denis , Minister Peter McKay ,  and Prime minister  Harper will look into right away . A write up on the web showing that Rooke  , may have bluff his way into his Justice positions ??  You tell me and give me your opinion. after you check this you tube video link .

Published on Aug 23, 2014,
(This is what it is under)

JD Rooke is a United Nations Clerk masquerading as a Judge in Alberta, Canada,                         Just put   jdrooke in the search box , that works also !! Please send me you r Opinions here also .

Nov. 9,2014 .  I can not wait any longer , even though we have one or two more case management meetings I have to share my bad experience  as Justice K.G. Nielsen is way out of control . This is my complaint(s) against Justice K.G. Nielsen   ( Another Golden Hand Shake Justice , IE; Past president of the Law society !)  and transcript  proof of what I state is true . Complaint to Canadian Judicial Counsel of Canada  about .Justice K.G. Nielsen complaint to CJC Justice Nielsen oct 2 , 2014 and the complaint with links to said transcripts . Take the time to look into all of this  as you will find key words , phrases, and what to watch out for along with proof of all the Abuse in the court room !! I have more  to add but out of time for now . Keep coming back as the Judicial system is way out of CONTROL! Nov. 3 2014 .  Today I want to show you complaint against a Richard Hillborn  a resolution Officer with the Law Society of Alberta   , in my opinion , to confuse  the public , mislead us , as I felt mislead and I know a lot of what is going on !!  You will see first hand how they handle this complaint about a member  , going to the Appeal panel and how they responded .  and below you will see  how Kathrine WithBurn , totally misuses her position and does not follow the rules and procedures of the Law Society !! Here is a little bonus round  Lewis Wasel , We will show you some just so you can see the BIG problems  how every one from the Law society complaint department has their own    opinion ,  in stead of a constantan  rule !!?   but I want to give them room to LIE .LOL I tell the truth , watch the more they LIE the more proof  we have that this complaint system must go to a public  complaint system   . NON BASIS  Watch And I will show you/ prove to you through belief and documents of the Law Societies Many failings !!   Lewis Wasel Oct 28 ,2014, Law society Protecting their own at the  Manager of Conduct level . Wow you are not going to believe this . Let me show you my complaint against a Kathrine WhitBurn  A Conduct Manager with the Law society of Alberta . Very high up the Ladder!  Can the New President  Kevin Feth of the Law Society  get his people under control , accountable and get the complaint system back on track , or will he be forced by his own members of the Society  to follow in their footprints /ways , which can only mean the complaint system has to come back to the public  to ensure NON BASIS  complaint system .. Oct. 27, 2014 Today I would like to share my bad experience’s  and expose some more of the Law Society’s tricks  ( In My opinion perhaps your opinion also ?)  To start off I would like to show you mail abuse . Later  on I show you /expose , each step of the way with proof of ( Premeditated ) template letters that put the public /complainant,  at a Major Disadvantage  Also how the Law society protects their own at every level . You will not believe how out of control they are !?  This will prove that the Law Society is Not NON BASIS and cannot be NON BASIS when it comes to members from their own Society .  Proof that this complaint system, MUST  be taken away from the    Law Society  and be put into the Publics Hands !!   I would like to thank the very many who have signed these petitions , thank you . We need every one to sign and get involved Now  so please share on face book , twitter , etc.  It seems , exposer is the only way we can get changes ,  as the Law Society shows  they can not ,will not change !! to be NON Basis . Oct 25 ,2014 There is  a new updated rules of court that came out on September 1 , 2014  Please use that one ! I would have put this in sooner  but  I did not want to let the other Lawyer know just to see if he was on the ball? No he was not . And yes they check out my site daily .  LOL . Oct. 10, 2014 Here is Two     Filed Notice to Admit  with Affidavits . and the Reply’s from the  Defendant’s . Notice to Admit facts  .  That I want to share with you Sept. 10 , from my experience    You would use this to question the other Party . This will be your question(s) you are going to ask the other party  in court . This will be great practise run before you go to court . And there is a very good chance they will have to admit you are right if you do it right   And if you are against A  person , that might lie, mislead you  . etc ( I will get into detail later ) It is Now PERJURY . Look Perjury up in your dictionary you will find the correct words you need to make this happen .  You will want to  follow along with this as it will help all Albertans  and all Self represented  person in Alberta . In My opinion Any way .  Sorry if my spelling and grammar are not the best  , that spell correct does mess things up some times . Sept. 9 2014 .   Here is my complaint about Fred Kozak . It is a complaint ,  my belief and proof on  how the Lawyers and the system , take advantage of the  people !!  This can  and will happen to you if we do not stop them Benchers  now !   Benchers must have input from the public or how can they deem this fair for all ?? Sept. 7 2014 . Here is my complaint against Breanne Schwanak .         A Lawyer here in Alberta . My Opinions  on making a complaint against a Lawyer that is ????  In My Opinion , Doing wrong to say the least  ! Here is some documents I would like to share  of applications and Affidavits . Again this is my opinions this is Not Legal advice ! Sept.5  ,2014 More Dirty tricks from the Government of Alberta . I have tried to add links to the Court of Appeals .Will Not Link !!!? I have tried to add links  Alberta Labour Board will not link .               HOW LOW CAN THEY GO??  We have to have a public inquiry into these major abuses NOW !! . So for now .  Look at this Lawyers Can use electronic  devices in the court room but  the Public can not !!?  Major discrimination  against every body in Alberta!! This Has to stop and NOW!!  Go to Court of Appeal and Rule,s practices  and notice to profession.  Click on and read .  IT Has To Stop NOW or we have to vote the PCs out and put the people behind this chicken Shit  abuse in Jail . New update September 3 , 2014 .  This is a Warning to all people using Government web site of Alberta .  I went on a Government website today after 10 minutes my computer started to crash . IF you have this problem just go to the top left of your  computer and click on to TOOLS , At the bottom there is a link to Microsoft  Report Web site  problems . Click on that link when you are on there site and it goes right to Microsoft .  They put trackers on the site and the person I talked to said that in no time they can tell exactly  where these virus start at , which computer they come from , and usually the person (s) that are causing all this problems !! Let put these  A holes  Behind bars !   New update As of August 1 2014  the amount  you are suing for has being changed . Now  any claims that are $50, 000. or less will be filed at the provincial side /level at the court house .       Any Claims /Law suits that you are wanting to get more than/ over, $50,001.00.   Will/must be filed with the Queens bench . Same building different wing !! Do not worry,  an easy change if you know about it .!!  How many of you heard about this ??? If you put an statement of claim at he wrong level , Provincial or Queens bench , then you lose !! and have to pay whom ever you have a claim against !! and start all over  ! In  my opinion  Screwing the public AGAIN   !! In my opinion ,  They never want the public to know .  Is it in the papers or  on T.V. Never ??    lets make them responsible and accountable !!? Lets stop the B.S. Right Now.  Up dated the OHS Petition/Precepts  and future Statutes . Update   = Justice Michlayshyn    Check out this under Judges  drop down  then click on  abuses . See his name click .  And I will prove to you more abuses or a Justice that just does not get It ! Let me know if your opinion is the same as mine . Updated   =   Justice G. Verville ( In my opinion  abuses) on line now . Click on Judges   then click on examples of justices abuses in the court room   Or you can click on this       Verville  link  and go there directly . Update .      I have tried to negotiate with the International Union of Operating Engineers  ( Washington D.C.) , with offers to settle but with no response, no counter offers , nothing  !  So now I have to let all members  of Local 955 See how the  ( In my opinion ) International is trying to screw them all . Exposure and response is the only way you/we can stop them from screwing us all . Check out this link, to see the  actual action against the IUOE. One thing I would like to add is this information  there is a ,     civil claims duty counsel contact information   that will help you with your statement of claim for FREE.  The last I checked . Up Date. = My OHS Comments and opinions from my experience with OHS here in Alberta        Up Date:. =  Law Society  changes needed now ! Sorry I forgot this link : Alberta Law Libraries Up date:  Human Rights Up dated   added more steps to suing at bottom of this  home page (With links and Commentary ). Disclosure    of information( used to be called  discoveries), The Judaical Dispute resolution ( JDR)  , Requesting a Trial .  Please note that the first steps to suing are  also  on the right hand side bar, under  Union  and Companies 2 and 3 . Statement of Claim            ( Starting Document, Statement of Defence , Reply to defence, etc .  . January 25, 2014, A viewer asked me to add this !  Look at the abuses when it comes to paying if you lose in court , Garnishee, It all works for the easement  and benefit  of the lawyers and companies . Updated =                see: Abuses when they enforce their Judgement  You must sign petition to get this to stop ! This Site was updated  . lots of new tips , information etc. so look around . More examples coming soon , so keep checking back as material and rules are being updated  monthly. Our last update is under “Judges”.  The first thing you want to do is going to  the Law Information center  Linc: This is a place  to get FREE HELP  ,and  they should  help you with each step. But not always. I would highly recommend you go there first and they will give you a lot of step by step Information. address should be on this link . But they did not give me an example of Statement of claim!!??  Please note I never had anyone from LINC. answer the phone or get back to me if I left a message . It is to bad as this could make a lot of easy things easier. So go there in person. They will make your case a lot  easier. You can contact them here. information or materials . Can you Represent your self? Here is what  Alberta Rules of Court say: Self-represented litigants 1.1 (2)  and 2.22 Individuals may represent themselves in an action unless these rules otherwise provide.                                                                                                                                                           I’Here is my experience of trying to sue .  After trying to get a Lawyer at a reasonable price to do this case  of mine, concerning Union elections,   (  Good Luck ! I  had one that said it could be   done for $10,000. I said OK. I Gave  $2,000. DEPOSIT    They said I had a very winnable case . Then all of a sudden,  the law firm wanted to go to the labor board  , which would have taking about another 2 years  and now, the law firm said it would cost $18,000.  plus the price of the trial ??  I told them that I talked to the Labor  Board ,and they state that if it was not  addressed in the Labor Board  Rules and regulation that I would not have to complain or do an investigation through them. I even gave them a contact number at the Board !  Next thing you know the defense and defendant got a letter from the law firm I had hired  , that they / me where going to labor board . The defendants  wrote back and said in their defense this should not go through the labor board !  This just confirmed what I had found out from before,  So I fired the law firm . Then told the law firm  if I did not get all my money back I would sue. I did get all my money back ! )    So I decided  to do this on my own. You will hear that you can represent yourself  , but they do not really want to show the way . They people of the court system will try to delay every thing  or not supply you with what you need for the steps you are on or the next steps  you will need to take.. BUT,  NEVER GIVE UP.  So after  a couple of weeks of trying to get an example of a Statement of Claim  ( Note ; this is the starting document  in any Law suit.) I finally was told I could see one if I went to Queens bench administration at the court-house . I did , and they let me look at one but I had to give it back ! So first I will supply everyone with a   copy of a ” Statement of claim ”  (Note ; you must file this at the court-house with a fee of $200. also If you are suing for over $ 25,000. You file at the Queens Bench. Under $25,000. You will file at the Provincial side . New update  . the above has changed :The amount  you are suing for has being changed . Now  any claims that are $50, 000. or less will be filed at the provincial side /level at the court house .       Any Claims /Law suits that you are wanting to get more than/ over, $50,001.00.   Will/must be filed with the Queens bench . Same building different wing !! Do not worry,  an easy change if you know about it .!!  How many of you heard about this ??? If you put an statement of claim at he wrong level , Provincial or Queens bench , then you lose !! and have to pay whom ever you have a claim against !! and start all over  ! In  my opinion  Screwing the public AGAIN   !! In my opinion ,   . . Here are some links you will need ;   You  should  read  what they have on their website it does give you a break down of the steps of  what every court you will be in . It is for your own good. Alberta courts. Alberta Queen Bench:        = Go here if suing over $50,000. Alberta provincial court:      =  Go here if suing for under $50,000  . Alberta Queen Printers :       Go here to find rules of court . ( You can also buy  rules of court . I would recommend this If you can afford it. easier  to find what you looking for faster.  And once you start to stick up for your self  ,there is a good chance you will be going through this process again.)   THINGS YOU WILL NEED :  Binders ; Two, 3 inch to keep all your documents in.  3 Two inch  to keep applications in . I found it is easier to keep organized if I kept all documents from each application in a separate binder. and      6 , Of those file folders, you can get from the dollar store.  You will also want some note books , and some scribblers   Keep track of every thing !   IE:  Today i filed a Statement of claim. (Always dated everything.) NOTE : You really should scan   all documents you get to your computer.  As i found out no matter how hard I tried some of my most important papers  MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED ?? But because I had spares in another place I was all right.   Keep all your papers on computer also Down load your material to a  memory stick . Great Back up and easy to hide. BIG TIPS:  Always make sure you make extra copies of all documents you get. ( I would recommend 3 copies , and I would also recommend that you get this copies  done at staples or a place like that. Way cheaper  and easier on your machine. 1) First  you will put one copy  in each of your 3 Inch binders a copy of your all your  documents. One binder you will only use for coping from ( For Applications etc.) no writing on this ones . The other   One you will use for putting notes on .  Example you read a line  from the defendants” Statement of Defense”  you notice one of the sentences is a lie . You can write down ; this is a lie , I have letter  Dated  ————-?  That proves this is wrong !     And you go through each documents you have . This will really help you,when you  look at the documents a year later !   say; You get a letter  , write on the back all copies . When you actually picked it up from the post office . Was it registered mail etc. Now write in your note-book this same information . RememberThey will try to drag this case out so you will forget these things.   I found that If I kept a book on letters and another on phones calls only . That it was easier to find things as they arose. That’s right , a diary of phone calls , dates of calls . did you talk to some one , (write their name down. their position. what time . what the call was about . Did you have to leave message ?     Believe me Lawyers will lie most of the time , they will say one thing on the phone ,but say something different  if you bring up a problem to a justice ( Time lines etc. ) NEW : What I did ( and I would highly recommend this) is to record all of our calls !!?? BELIEVE ME IT DOES END ARGUMENTS FAST !  This recording device will pay for its self time and time again ! You can get one from Future Shop about $120. It has Great sound when you play it back . It picks up voices and records very clear sound ! Lots of recording time ( Like 72 hours I think WOW. Plus it has a USB port so you download on  your computer.    Name each recording and organize them together in a file folder and or burn them to a CD . You will not get better proof than this . Now when the landlords, Lawyers , government people ,  Employment Canada  Epcor , phone companies , etc. ( the list will go on and on  and on .) You will find  that  they say one thing and do another you will have the proof  and can win in court  or fight that extra billing etc. .  Sony makes it . Heck it has a place for a SD card . Talk about major memory . YES. Get this as soon as possible as this is the turn point in your life .  TIP.  I put my recorder in a small sock , then put it in a baggie , then I put my recorder in a solid glasses case holder . ( They have these at the mall Bentley s, luggage places etc.) So now my recorder is scratch proof , waterproof , and just about crush proof . It will protect it majorly .     Alberta Queens Bench, Workable Forms.   • Civil Forms Workable Statement of Claim and other Forms We need as many examples  of Statement of Claim as we can get  from everyone .,  IE:  Elections , Insurance companies , other lawyers .government people  doctors  etc. So if you sue some one or some company ,please share and send your Statement of claim  to me and any other documents that may help someone else , along with permission to use it at no cost . and I will add it to the website.  LETS HELP EACH OTHER!  How about some unhappy Lawyers or people in legal profession helping out . We will not put your name or any identity with it if you do not want to be known !!  Perhaps you could let us know of some the other dirty tricks they use .?  Next we will look at an  ,”Statement of Defense”  I was told  that it  must be filed also  by the defendant and or their Lawyer,  With in a time limit  ( 30 Days ). ( This   could  also be good if someone is suing you !?) And if you do not agree with their Statement of Defense , then you MUST , file at the court-house  What is called a Reply to the defense  ( In my opinion , unless they plead guilty or agree with you 100 percent  , you must do this reply to the Defense and file it  with in time lines  at proper court-house , Provincial or queens bench. or you will lose . read their wording in the rules of Court . Just do it ! Next I filed   “ Affidavit of records” .  I was told that this is a list of all the letters (Correspondence )    Constitution books , rules and guidelines , Government legislated rules  ETC.. between you and the defendant(s) that you will be using as evidence  at trial.  I am going to a link format  for the rest  of this steps , as this Home Page is getting Long . Then the Next step is Part 5 of the Rules of Court , Disclosure of information , or Discoveries as it used to be called . Next step Is  Judicial Dispute  resolutions = J.D.R.  They say you must do this step  before trial but I found there is a way to get a Waiver of this Step.? Next we will be going to show you different kinds of applications and the actual  RULES  of COURT  , that apply  to certain ,  applications . and affidavits  .  These  must be filed with your ApplicationMore detailed after you go to above  link . This all may sound like lots but it is NOT .Let me share this experience with You .  You will have enough  time between each step so do not worry just focus on one step at a time . If you are done early then move on to next step , that way the next step will be even easier .  This is my opinion and I believe it will be yours one day soon . I will keep you informed as the next steps unfold on my way to a trial . The next Step is to fill out  a form 37  .    Request to  Schedule A trial Date  You  fill it out and send it to the other parties lawyer with your witnesses that you want to testify on your behave      ( Maybe you do not have any then Put NA. in that area)  on form  ,  There is a place to disqualify  any Justice you may not want , so I also I would like to share my experience’s that other people have told me and recommend that you put any Justices Name you have had  an application with, Case Management Justice  or any other Justice you may a had to deal  ,with / before , trial, as  You will not want any of these Justice(s)  as  your Trial Justice .